The Soul Discography 1960-1980
Bob McGrath

Johnny Otis once compared white society, which he felt ran beautifully on ball bearings, to black society, which he said lived somewhat more organically on an animal heartbeat. With this logic in mind, the durational boundaries for The Soul Discography, are less than mechanically precise. There was no whistle blown for the metamorphosis of R&B to Soul and the phenomenon still continues to this day. However, some kind of time frame for this work was necessary, so a window was set covering the golden years from 1960 to 1980. For the sake of completeness this time frame is extended both before and after where necessary. The content is exclusively African-American, with a collective page count of just over two thousand pages. Listed chronologically, showing session details, accompanists and locations. Three large format 8.5" X 11" (216mm X 280mm) softback volumes. $99 per volume. Click to see sample pages.