Numerous world‐class discographers and collectors have contributed information. Each book has been diligently hand‐crafted, it’s been our passion since 1969.


Our two‐column format allows us to pack twice as much information on each page. The discographies list exclusively African‐American artists, including personnel and session details.


We are honored to have been recognized with an ARSC award for almost every title we have published. They have become the standard reference tool in their categories.



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The Blues Discography [1943-1970]
The Blues Discography [1971-2000]
The Gospel Discography Vol 1
The Gospel Discography Vol 2
The Soul Discography Vol 1
The Soul Discography Vol 2
The Soul Discography Vol 3
The Zydeco Discography
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It’s been a long journey, over sixty years and more to gather all this information and it certainly has the feel of a quest about it. As for the music it grabs you and stays with you.